Le Regge wine estate has been owned by the Ferruzzi family since 1989, but the link with this family goes back much longer. Giovanni Ferruzzi, now 93 years old and the grandfather of Barbara, the current owner, cultivated these vineyards in the 60s when they were owned by the Uzzano Castle.

The wine producing qualities of these lands have been renowned and appreciated for many years. The unique characteristic of Le Regge is its terraced vineyards, supported by ancient drystone walls.

Greve in Chianti
These walls of such historical value that they are supervised by the Belle Arti and no chnage in their appearance is allowed. The name "Le Regge" would seem to derive from the italian verb "reggere" which means to hold, support, bear something, keep it from falling.

The Ferruzzi family, besides making wine, has been prominent in the production of tradtional fine leather goods for over 30 years, in partnership with a number of famous fashion companies. The common denominator between these activities is the search for quality that maximizes the characteristics of raw materials.